Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year Sweetness

Hello Sugarplums,

The beginning of a new year promises fresh starts, hope, excitement and a chance to feel refreshed. At Sweet Radish, the New Year has brought us a burst of excitement and creative energy to satisfy all those gluten free sweetooths out there in unique and innovative ways!  Some of you might have noticed cupcakes in our cake stands more often lately in response to the many requests for them. And we understand why – these cute confections are a perfect canvas for all sorts of flavor combinations from the classic to the kooky. Look for more cupcake specials in the upcoming month leading up to…Valentine’s Day! But more on that later…

In other news, we have been offering our gluten free bread by special request with 24 hours notice. It’s a multigrain sandwich loaf full of nutritious seeds such as sunflower, flax and chia – perfect for sandwiches and remarkably delicious as French toast!  
Speaking of special requests – need some pastries for an office party, a birthday party, a half birthday party? Sweet Radish takes special orders with advanced notice to make your event, big or small, that much sweeter. Call us to find out more!

There are many moments in the bakeshop that make us smile, but something that makes us smile so big that our cheeks hurt is surprising someone with how delicious gluten free can be! When I first discovered that I was unable to tolerate gluten, I feared that my baking days were numbered and my tastebuds were doomed to be deprived. Luckily, I was surrounded by loved ones who were determined to change my tune and encourage me to develop my own gluten free recipes.  And after much experimentation, I was able to create recipes that even those who could eat gluten happily gobbled up.  It is my dream to show everyone that gluten free baking is just baking out of a different pantry….with a little more space to hold a few more flours (I think some of you can relate).  So let’s all celebrate the brown rice, quinoa, almond, buckwheat and sorghum flours (to name a few) that make baking gluten free a fun new adventure!

Happy New Year to everyone and we look forward to a fun and sweet-filled year with you!


Julia Ingram

Sweet Radish Bakeshop 

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